A Reminder to go with the Flow of Your Life's Natural Current

A Reminder to go with the Flow of Your Life's Natural Current

I feel drawn to the serenity of rivers and streams. I feel the most calm and connected when I am lulled into meditation by the soothing rhythmic rush of these sacred waters. When I’m not able experience them in person I love recreating their power as a visualization in my own practice and when I am guiding students into Savasana. 

A stream reminds me to surrender to my life’s natural flow. But damn! is that hard for me to do. When I feel like I’m working hard and I experience stagnation in my anxiety induced, narrow definition of success, my immediate reaction is to push, work harder, complain, ask what am I doing wrong.

I was in this exact, resistant, mental framework when I came across something I wrote for the retreat that I taught in Peru a couple weeks before the pandemic. Once you read the excerpt below, you’ll understand how the words immediately reconnected me to a state of trust, surrender and lifted me out of my limited thinking. 

As you digest these sentiments, let them be received by your heart and your spirit. I know I was in an inspired space when I wrote this message and the words sound even more true today after everything we’ve been through and even in the rush of the furious current that is moving us now.


We are the seekers, the curious, the wanderers, the restless, the fringe, the dancers that listen to our inner rhythm. We have felt moments of wholeness, magic, harmony and connection but we also know great despair, separation, pain and madness. We hear the whispers from our spirits and guides but we desire more surety, more depth and an ability to affect greater healing for ourselves and the world around us. 

Sacred tribe, through this common desire, we collectively co-created this moment in or perhaps out of time, this quest to our sacred heart. Because of our intense desire we have opened a space, a vortex, where we will hear the questions and the answers with greater intensity and clarity. 

My prayer is that we will surrender what we think we know, humbly offer ourselves to the wisdom of this ancient land and mother earth’s sacred heart and take flight with creator/creatress as our pilot. With an open mind we will be guided to remember our purpose. And if we listen with the unconditional trust of our open hearts, we will be gifted the tools to successfully create our dream and the dream of our ancestors. 

Dear dreamers, creators, warriors, we are heralding in the new earth on the wings of our desires and the will of our collective souls.

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