Joan Varini: “Here Are 5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Dramatically Improve One’s Wellbeing”s here

Eat mindfully. Do you want to lose weight? Break unhealthy eating habits?Do you want to have easy digestion and high energy after every meal? The mindset you are in when you are eating makes a huge difference in how your body assimilates the energy from your food. Even if you are eating an incredibly healthy meal, if you are eating in a negative state of mind then the association your body is making with the food you are eating isa negative one.

Holistic healer Joan Varini explains how to maintain personal peace and balance in your life

8 Easy Health Habits to Start Before the New Year

There are 14 weeks left in 2019.Butin those 14 weeks left, there is still time to meet your 2019 health goals. If you need an aspiration to keep your habits strongthrough thestress of the holiday season and the countdown to 2020, try setting these benchmarks. As experts reassure, with dedication and persistence,any feat is possible:

Your 2020 Wellness Trend Guide is Here

In three short months, the year will be 2020. And while there won’t be flying cars (only self-driving) or the ability to teleport as we all might have imagined long ago, there are societal shifts we can look forward to. Think: technological inventions in dermatology, upgraded workspaces, CBD and more.

Joan Varini

Joan Varini
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