Women's Healing Circle 

Held Monthly

This workshop is a culmination of personal work and an inner calling to create space for women to feel seen, supported and free to share, process, heal and empower ourselves and each other.

Please join me for what will be an ongoing space and community of women seeking to truly step into the knowing of our true selves, tap into our greatest power and in-turn help nurture the collective.

This is a safe space created to empower the reawakening of the wild liberated goddess within us. We will unite and help each other step out of the fear, conditioning, separation and ignorance that has suppressed the female power for centuries and learn how to stand in our own personal power through honoring all that we are.

This sharing circle will consist of mantra, mediation, partner practices, energetic exchange and discussion directed towards speaking the unspoken, lifting the shroud of secrecy and embracing the divine feminine.

Pay-what-you-can, suggested donation $20-$30.

RSVP here, space is limited, reserve your spot now!