Joan’s Chakra System Workshop: Learn to enhance balance and harness the power of the Chakra energy centers for greater vitality, mental clarity and emotional awareness.

This is an online workshop held via Zoom on Aug. 1st and 8th from 5-7pm 

Understanding the chakras is perceiving the cosmic universal flow. Through discerning the language of your chakras, you gain an effective tool for increasing your energy flow and balancing your mind, body and emotions.

For the greater part of this year we have all been undergoing an intense time of dramatic challenges and transformation. Like me you’ve probably been using an arsenal of books, tools, techniques and practices to try to navigate these changes with greater clarity and peace. Although I don’t foresee this metamorphic era lessening in intensity anytime soon, we can at least strive to experience it with a deeper understanding and greater self acceptance in how we are processing this awakening and rapid evolution. 

The Chakras are energetic wheels, inside the body that emanate out beyond the physical body in all directions. Here, clusters of Nadis (energy channels) come together. These nexuses are associated with interactions between the physical emotional and mental bodies. When we learn to understand the nature of our Chakra System we can understand ourselves on a deeper physical emotional and mental level and how to achieve greater awareness, healing on all levels and holistic harmony. 

Through discussion, meditation, journaling and pranayama and asana practices, we will learn what the Chakras are, and techniques to deepen our awareness of and work with our Chakras. You will be given daily assignments do to throughout the week to continue your self study and personal exploration so that the awareness of the Chakra System will become an easy, effective and valuable tool for life long self-awareness, healing, increased vitality and overall greater quality of life. 

Cost:  $65

With the cost of the workshop you will also receive a non-printable PDF of Joan’s Chakra Journal/Workbook that we will be working from. If you want a bound paper copy mailed to you it will be an additional $20.

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