Akashic Readings

'Akasha’ in Sanskrit means ether, or the material that informs all of physical existence. When Joan channels the Akashic Records, she is accessing a dimensional plane where, in a sense, all information is stored. The person or intended purpose for receiving the reading acts like a code that dials into a specific cross section of that informational field. Joan utilizes Linda Howe’s opening prayer because it is oriented towards receiving only the highest vibration of love and light. This prayer, in conjunction with Joan’s personal discipline, which keeps her mind and intensions clear, safeguards the experience so that it is always of a transcendent quality, even if the instruction is being given to someone who is in a very challenge space or if the information itself is difficult to hear, it is always given from a loving healing source. 

The process of receiving an Akashic Record Reading from Joan is multidimensional. It is encouraged that every reading be recorded so that the recipient can surrender to receiving the vibrational healing and instruction on all levels. And the information through the recording can be revisited again at any time as the meaning of the reading will evolve. 

When can someone seek out an Akashic Reading? Readings can be offered for nearly any purpose but clear focused intention and a heart based need for guidance make opening the channel much more effective. An Akashic Reading from Joan is a heart and mind expansive download of love and life altering guidance. You can receive assistance from the Akashic Records if you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, if you are desiring a more direct experience with your higher-self, your spirit guides, your loved ones and the non-physical dimensions, if you are seeking guidance on your life’s path, if you are at a cross-roads and are confronted with major life decisions. An Akashic Reading can be a powerful way to bless, cleanse or balance a home, office or a sacred space. Akashic Readings can be performed to understand the needs of pets, an environment or a collective group. Conflicts with loved ones, issues with health, money matters, negative repetitive patterns, navigating loss and connection to loved ones that have transitioned. These are just a few examples of the kind of assistance Joan has offered through accessing the Akashic Records. A sincere desire to know and to connect can be reason enough to receive a session with Joan.

If you have further question you can connect to Joan via email or schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if you intuitively feel that Joan is the record reader for you. Or simply book your Akashic Record Reading today!