Joan’s purpose is to serve as a facilitator to help you to recognize and embrace your true self and cultivate a life that authentically reflects your personal connection to universal wisdom and source energy.



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I am always available for private group or one-on-one yoga classes.

Now is the perfect time to scheduel a holistic healing session, spiritual and life counseling, and/or an Akashic Reading. 

If you are not sure what modality you are interested in, just book a healing session and we will find the methods that are right for you.

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The Sweet Escape: Yoga-Writing-Nature

Sun Warrior Yoga and De Greff Writers, Weekend Retreat. Sept. 30th-Oct. 3rd, 2021

Mt. Dora, Florida

Do you need a quick getaway that will relax your body, calm your mind, restore your spirit and inspire creative expression? Charming Mt. Dora is less than a four hour drive north from Miami. This quaint historic town and her many lakes, springs and lovely hikes is the perfect backdrop for an easy writing and yoga getaway. 

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Sit Your Ass Down and Meditate With Me!

A weekly I.G. Live segment in which Joan offer an intension and instruction for meditation and we collectively meditate together for 15min. Follow Joan on Instagram and join her next SYAD group meditation.