A Simple Practice - Unity Through Breath

A Simple Practice - Unity Through Breath

Some of the foundational components of the practice of yoga: awareness of energy, mental focus, philosophical inquiry, self study, are also the foundational components of consciously living a life of expanding consciousness

In other words, to become a more aware, empoweredhuman we need to go back to the basics. 

I'm referring to the basics that are learned not through obsessing on the physical feats we can learn through yoga but through self mastery based on a holistic knowledge of self. 

Let’s start with energy. 

One of the more approachable ways of understanding and working with energy is through focusing on the breath. You can start right now, wherever you are. It’s such a simple yet powerful act of mindfulness. Pause your thoughts and draw complete focus onto your soft natural breath. Feel the wave like movement of the Prana as it flows. As you do this you are also becoming aware of the vehicle of the life force that flows in all things

Through the awareness of the life force flowing as breath, you are also observing the force that is in every aspect of creation. All you have to do is breathe mindfully and witness.

Can you feel the power of that invisible thread that flows through everything?

Such a simple thing and yet we forget what a precious gift the life force through the breath is and what a powerful tool for understanding unity consciousness.

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