Detachment and Rebirth

Detachment and Rebirth

Before offering a ceremony to bring in the new year, unburden your heart and mind. Take a moment to let go of any disappointments, sorrows, or traumatic events of 2018. Forgive and liberate yourself from the attachments of the past so that you can be free to create from the power of the present and the desires of your heart instead of the fears, disappointments and sorrows created by the events of the past.

Conjure the guidance and strength you need through gratitude for all of the joys, accomplishments and support you have in your life. From that high-flying vibration, open yourself up to create and receive all the abundance that you have coming to you for the new year.

The following is a dive into the Joan Zone and a bit of my own process of acknowledging, releasing the past, forgiving, and embracing the new year. 

Right now, I’m moving through a moment, I was feeling temporarily paralyzed by the past. It’s just a part of being on the tail end of 2018. I think as I get older I need to learn to embrace a new kind of detachment. My main animal totem is cougar. The big cats teach us calculated swift unemotional action and detachment. I know I come across as having a strong exterior, but I freak ’n feel everything. Learning to walk with the power of the big cats is challenging and yet so necessary for me to stay centered. Letting go really did seem easier when I was younger, but maybe I simply see and feel more and with all of those layers it’s harder not to create more attachments.

I know the key to growth is letting go. I’ll call this moment the ceremony of mourning the past. I say a final good bye to the romantic love I experienced and, good bye to the smiles and tears, the adventures and the heart ache we shared. I mourn my furry companion, Stormy, his 14 years of unconditional fluffy love. I bid one final farewell; the unexpected and abrupt departure from a yoga studio that felt like home and the students that felt like family. I feel an odd tug in my heart for my daughter’s independence, so natural and empowering and yet another challenging transformation, another letting go. Those feel like the sorrows in my heart right now. I’d have to describe this past year as exhausting.

Even as I write down what I am letting go of, I am remembering many magical moments, tremendous accomplishments and so much loving support. I’ve looked through the photographs a few times now, I’m telling you, I’ve never been a very nostalgic person. I suppose this is a necessary reflecting because deep within I know I’ve committed myself to making wiser decisions in 2019. To be more aware of my intentions and make decisions based on what I am passionate about and not on what I am afraid of. I’m going to stand strong in my intuitive wisdom and not let other’s desires and expectations bully me out of what I know I need, to feel peaceful and empowered.

‘Like the sculptors who, with time and practice, learn to mold the clay into the precise desired creation, you can learn to mold the Energy that creates worlds through the focus of your own mind. And, like the sculptors who, with their hands, feel their way as they recreate their vision— you will use your emotions to feel your way to Well-Being.’ —Abraham Hicks

My job now is to do things and think thoughts, that keep me in a good feeling place. The challenges of last year have helped mold my vision of what I want and what I don’t want. My discipline and self-care keep me in a healthy, clear state of mind. This is where the medicine teachings of the big cats come in again. A cougar will rest all day but when it comes time to hunt, she is patient, silent and completely calculated in her actions. Her kill is swift and precise. I will prepare through self-care and mental clarity so that I am aware of and prepared to spring to creative passionate action when it resonates with my whole being.

Now that I’ve gone through the process of letting go, and I’ve invoked the power I need to surrender into my passionate creative desires I am ready to truly forgive and transcend to this space of rebirth, the precious new beginning offered by the turning of the new year.
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