Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way

Tonight the electric sky sings with fervor, as I smoke my tobacco prayers. I petition the sacred gate keepers of the medicine wheel for guidance. The lighting creates brief lace like outlines of trees and the clouded night sky. A confirmation that I’m on the right path and a reminder the only thing I need to see clearly is the immediate steps on my life’s path. 

This message stings as I recall a memorable hike I took in the heart of the everglades. On my way into the thick of The Fakahatchee Strand, I side stepped alligators, and at least one snake. As the burnt orange sun set on the cypress, mangroves, wild orchids and saw palmetto, the swamp began to darken, and fear creeped in. Instinct urged my hurried frantic steps. 

My fearless and knowledgable everglades expert/botanist guide recognized the value in this teaching moment and forced me to sit down on the dark path. She ensured me that my mind was creating greater dangers than the reality of our situation. I tried to calm my breath and slow my heart rate but my mind was flooded with all the predators that hunted this time of day in the thick of the swamp. I can’t say that the fears subsided but after those brief moments of grounding, consciously connecting to the heart vibration of the spirit of mother earth, I was able to compose myself and trust that we would find a safe way out. 

The darkness was so heavy I could hardly see my hand in front of me but an odd kind of glow began to guide my vision. The moon had yet to rise high enough to illuminate the sky but a strange kind of luminescence seemed to come from under the earth in a subtle bluish glow just in front of my feet, in awe, I trusted and followed.


To this day I don’t know how we didn’t end up lost in the swamp because when we got to the car I looked back one last time overwhelmed at the complete darkness and thanked source for guiding the way.


I’ve always struggled to visualize and plan for the future. And I’ll admit right now in my life I feel kind of lost, lost in the swamp. But just like the peep show of majestic moss wearing oaks in the flashes of lightening during my midnight pipe ceremony. I pray that I pay attention to spirit and trust as it guides my way.

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