From Chaos to Sanctuary; Creating Space for Peace and Observation

From Chaos to Sanctuary; Creating Space for Peace and Observation
As a yoga teacher and spiritual guide my roll is to hold space. Many clients come to me either because they’ve tried everything else or they are simply intuitively drawn to work with me. However they find me I trust the force that magnetizes our coming together. From there it is my job to get out of my way and allow myself to be a vessel to receive the messages or tools they need for healing, peace and clarity.
In order to be clear enough to receive that guidance, I need to maintain my personal discipline of holding space for myself. I’ve learned that my daily seated, meditation, pranayama and kriya practice is a necessity for my own self-awareness. Through discipline, (which has taken a lifetime to create and even now I fall in and out at times) I have created a space where I can move beyond the limitations of my egoic mind and connect to my higher-self. I call it my salad spinner. In my daily Sadhana, I work through mind noise until the maya, the ever changing, illusory aspect of physical existence, either quiets down (spins off into the periphery) or I can move beyond it and observe. In that space I connect to the calm that is my true nature where I can more consciously choose how I wish to act instead of unconsciously reacting.
I think the metaphor of learning how to ride the waves of life instead of being pummeled by them relates to this practice as well. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t get punched in the gut, so to speak, by my karmic lessons. But I know I can take those experiences back to my Sadhana and observe them through the lens of the wisdom of my heart and soul, instead from the limited perceptions of my frail ego. It is also from that discipline that I have learned how to quiet down my own mental chatter and become the vessel for healing for others. I encourage you to create your seated practice. Maintain a daily discipline whatever that looks like for you, and return to a space where you can quiet down, come home to your true-self to receive the guidance of your heart and soul.
With the inner vision of the all seeing eye, commune
with the ancient seers and siddhis. Meditate
in pyramids.Transport consciousness to the belt
of Orion. Step out of the binds of linear time. Ajna clarity
knows intentions, mine and yours. Beyond intellect,
all seeing intuitive guidance. Here lies the magicians,
the clairvoyants and spiritual adepts, unraveling
the mysteries of time and space. Universal
messages of higher truths guide perceptions, soul based
reasoning. I am dreaming my greatest life into reality.