How do we resolve difficult problems in our lives?

How do we resolve difficult problems in our lives?

We’ve heard the sayings
“what you think you create” and “what you resist persists”
So why do we obsessively hold our problems in our thoughts?

I’ve been told by many teachers that I have to learn to let go, to surrender. I’ve realized another layer to that enigmatic word, surrender. We’ve heard the sayings, “what you think you create” and “what you resist persists”. So why do we obsessively hold our problems in our thoughts? We think through all of the possible outcomes, all of the worst-case scenarios, we make lists of pros and cons, we tell everyone we know about our problems, and then we expect to be able to resolve them. Yes, many times, this path does work, but it’s like rolling a bolder up a hill.

Our minds are creation machines, but we simply don’t use them to consciously create what we desire, we frequently use them to create more of what we don’t want by incessantly thinking about what is broken or wrong or what we don’t have. Instead we should be using our minds to focus on creating beauty, growth, connectivity, love. But how the hell do we stop thinking about what’s right in front of us? 

Maybe the problem is a challenge that we face head on every day, maybe it’s a loved one that we have a deep-rooted conflict with, maybe it’s a very physical part of our lives like a sickness or a lack of money. How do we not think about those things?

It’s not that we should numb out or ignore the thing that is creating this challenging space, but we use every opportunity we can to take our vibration somewhere else. Focus on the things that make you feel good. Engage in activities that quiet your mind, like meditation and yoga. Surround yourself with positive influences. When we let go, surrender, focus our thoughts on things that make us feel better, more connected to our peaceful inner selves, something seemingly magical happens: inspiration comes, we get help, we realize that what seemed like such a big deal really isn’t, we get resourceful, and sometimes the problems just seem to go away.

When we are in the problem by constantly thinking about it, we cannot get the big picture view to truly put it into perspective and see what is best for our overall well being, but our higher self sees and knows what we truly desire and what will guide us to a path of expanded awareness, growth, greater fulfillment and connectivity.

So, play with getting out of the stickiness of your challenges, take your vibration to a higher level by focusing on what makes you feel good and I promise, you will experience these challenges in a more workable way and sometimes they may even resolve themselves.
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