I lived in Miami for 22 years. When I told people that I was never able to really feel at home there, some people simply understood and others were extremely perplexed. I got comments like, ‘but home isn’t really about a place, it’s what you make of it,’ and ‘have you really tried to make Miami your home?’ All I can say is that even after just a few weeks of living in the tranquil town of Cary, NC, I know, without a doubt why I felt such a desperation to get out of Miami. I know myself and what my spirit needs to thrive and to feel at peace. I’m currently living in the forest, in a tranquil little town with kind people and my mind is more clear that it has ever been in my life. 

This message has nothing to do with whether or not Miami is a good place to live, the message I’d like to deliver is that of the importance of truly knowing yourself. Yoga, meditation, self study and other such practices are methods by which we can unravel the illusion and get to the core of who we are. When we touch our true essence life becomes more simple. We no longer need the elaborate distractions that soften the discomfort we feel in our disjointed minds and splintered spirit. We no longer look to external validation or examples of what we should do, how we should act, what we should think. We simply know when we are in or out of sync with our inner selves. 

Getting to know our true selves is a messy, often painful, convoluted journey. No one person or belief system can tell you how to get there. But I wish I could open my mind and my heart and make you see, feel and hear the calm soft light of peace that has enveloped me as I’ve consciously chosen to take the solitary journey back to my soul. Invest in your inner peace, get curious about who you truly are, take the warrior’s path of heart back home.