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Let Your Happy be There

“You don’t have to work for your happy,
you just have to stop doing those things you do,
that don’t let the happy be there.”
Abraham Hicks

We are so caught up in the external appearance of suffering that we think that is all that life has to offer us. We listen to the media broadcasts of a world in chaos and despair, we let others’ sickness and suffering become our own, we begin to identify with our challenges and with what we don’t have.

All of these conditioned ways of seeing life keep us feeling defeated, letting the waves of life toss us around. Contrary to what media may want us to believe, the world and our collective consciousness is increasingly shifting to a more positive, evolved and loving awareness. No matter what is going on in our lives, we always have the choice, we can embrace a defeatist perspective, using all of the negativity around us to defend our point of view, keeping us in a victim’s mentality, or we can embrace the loving nature of our true selves.

This awareness is accessible to everyone all times. Sometimes it feels harder to get there, but in those times, simply remembering that our true nature and the source of creation is love, can help us remember that we are not alone when we connect to the loving source of all of creation. So do whatever you can, in this moment to create space to let that true loving nature in. A small shift in your daily routine and your thought patterns can be enough to create this space.

Pause and think about what you are grateful for and you can feel happiness bubble up. The more you practice creating space for self love and happiness, the more your external life will reflect this shift in perspective. After some practice, you simply won’t want to participate in negative rants or listen to fear based thinking. Once you commit to embracing the loving nature of your true self and creation, you will feel the support of the universe lift you up, and in that space, you can truly tap into your limitless creative power. 

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
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