Life as Ritual: The Practice

Life as Ritual: The Practice

To truly deal with understanding how to become more balanced in our lives we first have to take the courageous step towards honest ownership of our thoughts actions and emotions. Usually all that really entails is becoming more mindful, more consciously present, even in the challenging moments. Being honest and open with ourselves and continuously aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions is mindfulness.

Here are a few simple anchors that we can focus on to develop the ability to be more mindful and present in the here now: pause and notice what you are feeling in your body, observe your thoughts, notice your emotional state, pay attention to your breath, take in the details of your surroundings.

Practice these steps towards presence and mindfulness and take note of your observations. The more you do, the more peace you’ll experience within yourself and your compassion and understanding of the world will deepen.

Take a ‘Mindfulness Pause’ now. Close your eyes. Observe. Start by observing how you are breathing, we are not judging or trying to change anything, we are just observing. Observe how you feel in your body right now. Take a quick scan, head to toe, are you aware of any areas of tension? Are you clenching or rounding your shoulders or are they relaxed back and down? Are you holding your spine upright or are your rounded, do you notice any areas of tension in your back? Is your belly relaxed? What is your emotional state right now? Do you feel calm, agitated, is it easy or hard for you to calm down? Are there other layers of emotions that you are observing? Fear, excitement, hope, self-doubt, confidence? What is the nature of your thoughts? Is it challenging to get your mind to focus and be in the moment? Is your mind jumping all over the place or are you able to slow down and observe this moment? Now open your eyes and observe your surroundings. Are there things that you are becoming aware of that you didn’t notice before? What is your relationship to the physical space you are currently in?

These ‘Mindfulness Pauses’ are intended to train us to be more active participants in our own lives so that we can make conscious choices that will lead to lives that are more conscious, more peaceful more vibrant. At least when it comes to the things we can control. This heightened state of presence and awareness helps us to understand what we need in order to deal with and processes those thing in our life we can’t control. 

As we learn to become more aware and more mindful we begin to understand ourselves and experience life on a more fulfilling and more profound level, and practice the art of life as ritual.

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