Living a Life of Fulfillment

Living a Life of Fulfillment

The only way to peace and fulfillment is to live a life that is authentically guided by the unique desires that emanate from the one-of-a-kind manifestation of source that is your true self.

In order to tap into this authentic guidance, we must be willing to truly get to know ourselves. We do this through first honoring where we are, self-acceptance. We need to start there, in that raw, honest, vulnerable space in order to consciously heal and grow.

When we are trying to be some kind of mental construct of who we are conditioned to think we are supposed to be and act, or if we are in denial of where we are, there is no real depth to our healing and expansion.I’ll admit, I fall into the space of looking at where other women my age are in their lives. When I am feeling tired or down, I listen to others who have a different view of who they think I am and what they think my life should look like and sometimes I slip into a negative loop of wondering what I did wrong, "why don’t I have a partner, why am I still struggling financially, and why do I have to work so hard?"

But the truth of where I am is that I would never trade my life lessons for any of those things. I love the person who has come out of my journey. I am supported and loved, I feel deeply connected to my heart and my higher self, I have always been provided with the material means that I’ve needed in the moment and I love my work and my inner space of peace and quiet and mostly I love who I am and where I am going. And when I am in-sink with myself and following the guidance of my inner compass I don’t feel like I have to justify my life or my actions to anyone.

It’s been a long road of rebuilding self-love and self-esteem to get to this space. A critical component of finding and maintaining this peace is my seated practice. At times it is true meditation, but most of the time when I sit on my meditation pillow it is a time that I spend with myself, sifting through the mind noise and settling into the space of calm and quiet where I know I am not being influenced by the limitations of my mind, I soften into the gentle coaxing and inspiration of my heart. I don’t have to explain or justify actions that come from that place because when I live from my heart, I just know, even when I am confronted with challenges, I know that I am being guided to greater awareness, peace and deeper connection with all of creation.

So if you feel like you lack deep fulfillment in your life, take the first step, to your authentic self, accept and honor where you are, and quiet your mind, connect and really get to know bad ass beautiful authentic you. There is no one quite like you and when you really get to know yourself you’ll know how special you truly are and that you deserve everything your heart desires.

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