Living an Authentic Life: The Heart Path

Living an Authentic Life: The Heart Path

If you can’t be honest with yourself, if you don’t know yourself or at least don’t know how to listen to what you need or explore what you are passionate about, if you don’t ask yourself what are your true beliefs, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what triggers you, if you aren’t actively engaging with yourself as your own best friend, then how the hell do you expect to be real with anyone else?

It goes without saying that a lot of people keep it on the surface. Being honest and open with our feelings is uncomfortable. It’s easier to follow what others have already done than to carve out our own life’s path. Most people don’t move too far off from what they’ve learned in the past or what they think is expected of them. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

But there are others to whom this just does’t feel right. We want to live life to the fullest. We want inner peace, fulfillment and an all encompassing awareness of what we are made of. We what to know what life is really about. 

This is called the path of heart, the warrior’s path, because it takes courage to explore the inner depths of our minds and hearts. We know that the deeper down the rabbit hole we go the more questions we have, but we never stop asking, we never stop searching. 

And so how do we find peace on the warrior’s path? By living an authentic life. We live a life that honestly reflects our search for life’s purpose and our hearts’ desires. We are truthful even if that means not having everyone’s approval. We have strong boundaries even if others think we are strange or we have to say no especially to those the we are closest to. And we own accountably and authority over our lives. We answer only to our hearts’ connection to supreme consciousness. If something blocks our connection to source it is not serving our highest good. If someone or something creates a sense of sustained confusion or makes us doubt our intuition, we should revisit the nature of that relationship. When we are in tune with our inner compass we aren’t as triggered by the external world and we are less likely to be concerned about other people’s opinions. We are at peace with our selves even when our external world is in turmoil.

How do we develop this kind relationship with ourself? Spend time in quiet reflection. Ask the hard questions: what negative beliefs about myself are blocking my inner peace, what is my relationship with supreme consciousness, do I have healthy boundaries? Engage in practices that encourage mindfulness and deeper self awareness such as meditation, prayer, journaling and spending time in nature. And most importantly, follow your heart above everything else. 

Like I said before this is not the easy path. There are no stead fast rules or prescribed ways about it. This is living an authentic life created by you, for you and meant only to be traversed by you. And although it takes courage and copious amounts of love, trust, patience and surrender, choosing the warrior’s path of heart will give you the greatest sense of fulfillment and peace with yourself and it will reflect in all areas of your life. 

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