Manipura Chakra: The seat of our internal fire

Manipura Chakra: The seat of our internal fire

As I continue to try to carve out my new life here in North Carolina, I acknowledge that I am dealing with a lot of 3rd chakra oriented deliberations.

I like to describe this chakra as the little sun inside of us. It is the seat of the Agni or internal fire. The 3rd chakra, otherwise known as the solar plexus chakra or Manipura, primarily focuses on one’s passions, self-esteem and those things that ignite us. Here is an excerpt from my 'Chakra Energy System Workbook.’

“A seedling’s desire to feel the sun drives its delicate stem through the stubborn soil toward fresh air. The fire of my passion, my determined will, my vision fixed on living an authentic, liberated life, clarifies and strengthens as I face life’s struggles.

My karmic experiences were chosen to help me become the best version of myself. I was not born to be overlooked or to play a supporting role. I was born to carve out my own path. I was born to boldly create a unique life meant to be bravely lived on the leading edge of creation.”

How are you creating a life ignited by your internal fire?

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