New Year New Battery

New Year New Battery
It was a gorgeous Miami January afternoon, I decided to take a detour on my way home and go for a walk by the marina. The flurry of vultures circling overhead hypnotized me as I walked along the water. When I got back to my car it wouldn’t start.
Whether it was the lift in my mood from the rays of the sun and peaceful seascape walk, or my new shift in personal belief system, what could have been a crappy situation turned into an afternoon of pleasant interactions and support. In the past my default in this situation would have been to have a mini melt down but I remembered my belief system upgrade and reminded myself that I am never alone.
I called a friend and she called her boyfriend who lived just minutes away, and even though my battery was so depleted that we couldn’t get it to hold a charge and I still had to call AAA it felt great to know I had people looking out for me. When I was waiting for the AAA mechanic my daughter and her friends brought me pizza and hugs. And instead of wasting the rest of my time downtrodden in my car, I sat by the water and practiced inversions.
The AAA representative was a kind bubbly guy that asked me about sacred geometry and the final mechanic that installed my new battery was a soft-spoken gentleman that finished the job in no time. I left thinking, new battery, new year. I took a step towards shifting into a more positive perspective and life reinforced my evolved outlook. We receive what we give and that shift in perspective begins inside of us. 
Avidya is a Sanskrit word, it’s literal meaning is ignorance. This ignorance is based on the misunderstanding about the nature of reality. Avidya is the root cause of our suffering. The misunderstand is that we think that we are at the whim of the world outside of us. But the opposite is true. What we perceive outside of us reflects our relationship with ourselves. That doesn’t mean that when we develop a compassionate understanding of our true nature we cease to experience challenges in our lives, but our perspectives, attitudes, and understanding of those experiences shifts to a more evolved, expanded, holistic awareness.