Only Divine Source Energy Can Fill Us Up

We’ve all heard the saying, all paths lead to the top of the mountain. But a lot of us are distracted or consumed by paths or limiting beliefs that keep us hitting a dead end. Relationships seem to lack the depth that we desire and even things that we are passionate about feel limited. This life is about connection, creation and service but we must take the journey within to be filled with the limitless energy and inspiration of source. 

I know I’ve forgotten time and time again that the only way to true peace and fulfillment is to rely on my personal relationship with the divine. My lack of self worth or by buying into other’s views of what it means to be happy or successful have kept me running around on the ground wondering why I’m not feeling fulfilled, inspired or elevated. We can only truly love and connect to others if we are tapping into the limitless power of source to fill us up. When we develop our personal practices for connecting to divine energy, then we can go outward and truly connect to others. When we do not do the work of developing our personal relationship with ourselves and our personal methods for connecting to the loving vibration of creation, we find ourselves demanding that others fill us up and that only leads to disappointment. 
No one outside of us can fill the void that only pure source can fill. No one outside of us can show us our path to personal fulfillment and peace. We can find teachers and friends that mirror the answers that we are seeking but even then we need to go within and ask if it resonates with our authentic truth. Connection is one of the most fundamental human needs. But in order to find fulfillment through authentic connection we need to know how we can fill ourselves up with limitless source energy. Only then can we truly share and connect unconditionally.