Revealing the True-Self: Yoga and spiritual practices create space for self-realization. But what you do with the information that is revealed, is the real work towards embodying your true-self and your relationship with Supreme Consciousness.

Dear human in need, dear seeker of answers, dear child of the earth and sky. You must adapt to an ever evolving existence and ever expanding consciousness. But you frequently feel lost, dear wanderer. You feel torn between desire, neediness and duty. What is your purpose, what brings you joy, how do you find connection, how do you communicate the voice of your heart? How do you express the language of your soul?
This is a new year, another rebirth. How will you free yourself from the burdens of the past? How will you carry its lessons into the future? How will you dance your life? How will you join the symphony of creation with your unique voice? The time is now. Surrender to the call and express your soul’s song. 
We have given many attributes to what yoga can offer, but at its core, the practice of yoga is a practice of creating space for self-realization. So what do we do when we finally take accountability and look at ourselves honestly? What do we do when our sensitivities become heightened, when our awareness expands and we see our minds’ complexities and emotional currents with clarity? This is when we do the deeper work of cleansing and restructuring our human vessel: mind, body and emotions, to accommodate the reflection of who we are becoming: a clearer version of our true-self, an amplified expression of our spirit.