Seeking Simplicity

Seeking Simplicity

I used to think I needed to be someone, someone you’d know when they talked about me, a famous activists, artists, poet, teacher, medium. I used to think I needed to be that one person that stood out from the crowd, either because I had a unique fashion sense, dramatic looks or an unavoidable magnetism. I used to think I needed to be busy, fill my day with important tasks. I used to think I had to be noticed, respected, or at the very least I hoped I had made some kind of impression. 

Perhaps I’m just tired of trying so hard, or I’m just getting older and withdrawn. But most likely what has changed is my relationship with myself, what I actually value in life and I have a better idea of where I want to focus my attention and energy. The more I know myself, the less I am concerned about what others think about me. The less I base my sense of self worth on things society deem as worthy and more on how I feel about myself. And the things that I used to think I needed to be happy just don’t seems to matter. I want simplicity, peace, and real mutual connections. I want to go to bed at night knowing I’m good with myself and my loved ones. I try to check myself and my beliefs and I try to live my life based on a solid sense of what I want to see in the world. 

I see creation more simply. Yes I believe in magic and the multidimensionality of existence. Yes I acknowledge that there as as many realities and potential realities as there are beings with different perspectives. But I also know that most of us are seeking the same thing, peace, wholeness, love, connection. So I’m going to live each day with the intension of bringing more of that stuff, the essence of the stuff of creation into my life. Yeah, that’s the unifying factor, the force that can make life much more simple and yet much more fulfilling. 

Does your energy and mental focus feel scattered, unfulfilling? Are there ways you can simplify your life to make it feel more authentic; a more honest refection of how you perceive yourself from the perspective of your inner being? Take some time in meditation to declutter your mind by gettin rid of the beliefs that are a construct of external influences and focus more on the healthier beliefs that emanate from your heart, from the wisdom of your spirit. Think of this as a spiritual house cleaning. Get rid of the excess and strip down to what really matters, what truly fulfills your heart and soul.

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