That's Not Yoga

That’s not yoga 
By Joan Varini

It’s not your forward bend, bind or the volume of your Om
It’s not your mat, your Lulu or the sacred geometry tattoo on your arm
It’s not the Guru’s you know, the mala you show
or how many sound bowl meditations you’ve gone to

It’s not about the Sutras, or the Mudras, the Chakras, or the Kriyas
the Kleshas, or the Koshas the Shakti or the Shanti
the Bandhas or the Prana, the aura or the asana
It’s just all about you doing you
The journey within, the sound of the hum
The rhythm of the heart drum
Creating with conscious thought
we’re astral cosmonauts
seeing soul sunspots
Connected to this brilliance
we’re the eternal witness
in the wisdom of the stillness
Stop trying to be some IG  
image of a yogi   
Drop the uber spiritual fallacy
and just free your limited mentality     
Embrace the unique reality    
of powerful bad ass authentic you
Satisfy your source
Indulge in your inner sacred space
Live by intuition
Love without inhibition
Inner peace and mental clarity
are the most important nutrition
It’s your soul speak, your walk talk, your heart vibe, your spirit tribe
It’s your live now, your getting down to what really matters
Get off your mat and live your life
Get out of your head and into your heart
Get out the fake and create your real
Get out of the dark and listen
to the only guru you’ll ever need
you, bad ass, beautiful, you