Why is Halloween My Favorite Holiday?

Why is Halloween My Favorite Holiday?

I think mostly it’s the non conventional nature of the holiday. First off, I’ve always loved any spooky aesthetic, but mostly, Halloween gives everyone permission to be anything they want to be and the more creative and far out, the better.

But underneath all the candy and scare factor, I also love how Halloween pays homage to the ‘other’ dimensional spaces. Albeit, Halloween encourages the darker interpretation of the spirit world, I still enjoy the opportunity to acknowledge that we know we are so much more than this physical reality.

Among other times, when I do a regression, an Akashic reading, or deeper ‘energy’ work, I am in that inter-dimensional space, communicating with the nonphysical aspects of ourselves and I can tell you that the mind has such a limited perspective.

When we come from the awareness of our whole being, mind, body and spirit, we are limitless creative forces. So whatever way you celebrate Halloween, or not, maybe use it as an excuse to tap into the multidimensional being you truly are.

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