‘Joan Varini is a bad-ass yoga teacher with a great sense of humor, adventure, and style --- and she is so much more. Joan is a gifted healer and an empathetic guide. She brings her own life experience into each group class and one-one-one session. Without oversharing, she is honest about where she is, where she has been, and where she wants to get in her own life. She humbly acknowledges that she is another student in the classroom of Life, and she relates her own learning to the lessons she offers to others. This transparency bring deep compassion, authenticity, and relatability to Joan’s teachings.’ — Stephanie Ansin

Working with Joan is always a pleasure. She caters her healing sessions to meet my personal needs. Her insights, guidance, and support helped me move forward when I felt stuck in life. Joan believed in me when I did not. I would highly recommend Joan’s services to anyone needing guidance or clarity in life.— Karina Castillo

As someone who was not a regular yoga practitioner and having never been on a retreat (yoga or otherwise), I was a bit apprehensive in joining.  Joan and Jess quickly allayed those fears. They were warm and welcoming from the start, instilling comfort with their easy and open vibe.  Participants could share as much or little as preferred, with an atmosphere of acceptance that permeated the experience.  Also, as an active athlete, the retreat featured plenty of activities beyond yoga, including hikes --  as challenging as desired -- leading to spectacular waterfalls, surfing, running and more. I recommend the retreat without hesitation as a memorable, soul-nurturing and transformative experience. — Andrew Brandt

The Peru retreat with Joan was a life changing experience. Before that yoga was more of a physical exercise for me. I never really connected with the mindful side of the practice, and never saw the need for it either. There are so many words can describe this retreat: magical, mindful, life-changing, however, none of it seems to truly described what I have experienced. From the fresh air we breath in, the delicious and clean food we put in our body, the mindful practice we had every day, this retreat was a mental cleansing, a stress relief and a much needed escape from all the noises surrounding us daily. Being able to practice yoga at the beautiful retreat center with an amazing teacher is truly a blessing. I strongly recommend you to experience it yourself. If you are afraid of going on a week long retreat with a group of strangers, don’t be! Joan has the magical power of bring people together, and you will make friendships that last for a life time. So grab your mat and embark on this journey with Joan! It will take your practice to a whole new level! — Natalie Song

Joan and Jess are the perfect mix of all parts incredibly talented yogis and yoga teachers, and all parts amazing human beings. Going to a yoga/ meditation retreat led by them, will forever be one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I was new to yoga at the retreat, and Jess and Joan were great motivators to enrich my practice, amazing patient teachers with me, while still having classes that were at the level of the many awesome and advanced yogis in the retreat. Joan is especially gifted at helping you reach higher levels of yourself through meditation techniques, and Jess has a spirit that puts everyone at ease. They truly are a dynamic duo, a great inspiration, and I hope you get to experience them at future retreats. — Grettel Zubiar