The Joan Zone

Finding Sanctuary Through Discipline
One of the oldest philosophical meanings and purposes of yoga is the practice of any discipline that can help one experience non-duality. Through our human mind we perceive duality. The truth of creation is that we are all one but...
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Seeking Simplicity
I used to think I needed to be someone, someone you’d know when they talked about me, a famous activists, artists, poet, teacher, medium. I used to think I needed to be that one person that stood out from the...
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The Four Keys to Happiness
maitri karuna muditopeksanam sukha duhkha punyapunya visayanam bhavanatas citta prasadanam -Sutra 1:33 from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. This Sutra lays out four basic precepts to help us maintain internal peace. They are as follows: Use the key of 'friendliness' to those...
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