The Joan Zone

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    The issue central to many people I’ve spoken with lately is that we should not make ourselves smaller in order to make someone else more comfortable. We lack an awareness of our self-worth and put others needs above the basic things we need for self-care and inner peace.


  • New Year New Battery

    What we perceive outside of us reflects our relationship with ourselves.
  • Detachment and Rebirth

    At this precious new beginning offered by the turning of the new year, we challenge you to renew your life.
    Surrender into your passionate creative desires, make plans, pursue a dream, forgive, move into a more positive mindset, stay active, stay hopeful. Transcend into a space of rebirth.
  • Creative Living

    Creative living is the only way to live a life that is in sync with our true selves.
  • A Return to Self

    What is it that you really need to feel happy and balanced?
  • A Heavy Humble Heart

    Magic happens when we bring our best selves to a situation. Be authentic, open your heart and grow.
  • Our Bodies Our Teachers

    Yoga is a wonderful place to activate the awareness of the internal guidance system. While we move and breathe we honor what our unique bodies teach us. 
  • Connectivity

    Human connections enrich our lives
  • The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving is Loving Unconditionally

    Despite the misconception of Thanksgiving's true history, the essential meaning is still gratitude and unconditional giving.
  • Our Suffering is in Our Minds

    Our suffering is often all in our heads. Make a decision to change your mental framework and you will be happier.
  • Living a Life of Fulfillment

    The only way to peace and fulfillment is to be true to yourself
  • Why is Halloween My Favorite Holiday?

    During Halloween we break convention and celebrate "Otherness"