The Joan Zone

Restructuring Life After Trauma
Just because we’ve gone through most of the layers of healing from past pain or trauma, that doesn’t mean we’ve fully transformed beyond harmful belief systems, escapists tendencies or negative habits. Just because we know what we don’t want and...
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Your Life as a Recovery Program
I don’t have many friends, but the people I do have in my inner circle are real, no bullshit, solid confidantes. I feel like I have people that really care for my wellbeing and I for theirs. And when I’m...
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Revealing the True-Self: Yoga and spiritual practices create space for self-realization. But what you do with the information that is revealed, is the real work towards embodying your true-self and your relationship with Supreme Consciousness.
Dear human in need, dear seeker of answers, dear child of the earth and sky. You must adapt to an ever evolving existence and ever expanding consciousness. But you frequently feel lost, dear wanderer. You feel torn between desire, neediness...
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